Who we are

More than 20 years of financial support for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Slovenia
Timeline and important milestones of the Slovene Enterprise Fund
  1. 1991
    Adoption of the Small Business Development Act (legal basis for the establishment of the Fund)
  2. 1992
    The Management Board of the Fund adopts the Statute of the Republic of Slovenia for the development of small businesses and the Slovene Government gives its consent to the Statute of the Fund
  3. 2000
    Relocation of the Fund from Ljubljana to Maribor
    With the introduction of the Public Funds Act (Official Gazette of RS, No. 22/2000) the Fund is transformed into a public financial fund and given the name Public Fund for Small Business Development
  4. 2004
    The conclusion of a contract with the European Investment Fund (EIF) on cooperation by issuing of bank guarantees to secure investment loans to SMEs
    The publication of the first public tender, which included funds from the European Regional Development Fund
    Fur the purpose of development of small entrepreneurship the Public Fund for Small Business Development of Slovenia is transformed into the Public Fund of the Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship with the abbreviated name Slovene Enterprise Fund (Act Regulating Supportive Environment for Entrepreneurship OJ RS, Nr. 40/2044 and Founding act of the Fund OJ RS, Nr. 112/2004)
    Obtaining the certificate ISO 9001: 2000 for quality management system in the field of promotion of small and medium-sized enterprises for investments with help of financial products
  5. 2005
    The conclusion of the cooperation agreement with the European Association of Guarantee Institutions (AECM)
  6. 2006 
    The implementation of the pilot project of cooperation with regional guarantee schemes
    The establishment of the company Prvi kapital d.o.o. for the management and commercial management of a public venture capital fund
  7. 2007
    The Act Regulating Supportive Environment for Entrepreneurship provides the content and possibility of implementation of various forms of financial instruments and determines the procedures for the Fund's operation
    The Fund becomes a full member of the European Association of Guarantee Institutions (AECM)
  8. 2008
    The Public Funds Act enters into force, providing some substantive and organizational novelties
    The Fund establishes the so-called Public venture capital company named Prva, družba tveganega kapitala d.o.o.
    The conclusion of a contract for the counter-guarantee from EIF under the Competitiveness and Innovation Programme 2007-2013 (CIP 2007-2013) for a peroid of three years
    Established contact with the European Investment Bank EIB
  9. 2009
    Adoption of the business plan of financial engineering instruments for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Republic of Slovenia (PIFI)
    The signature of the Agreement with Ministry of Economic Development and Technology (MGRT) on financing and implementation of financial engineering instruments within the framework of the Operational Programme for Strengthening Regional Development Potentials for the years 2007-2013
  10. 2010
    Acquisition of additional sources under PIFI by the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology (MVZT) and MGRT
    Liquidation of the subsidiaries Prvi kapital d.o.o. and Prva, družba tveganega kapitala d.o.o
  11. 2012
    The conceptual proposal for the establishment of two new lines of equity finance - creating a seed capital fund to improve the availability of financing for emerging and young, growing enterprises in Slovenia and the creation of the Fund for the consolidation aor development enterprise restructuring, aimed at traditional enterprises
  12. 2013
    Preparing for the new financial perspective for 2014-2020
    Contacting EVFIN (European Venture Fund Investors Network), which brings together institutional nvestors of venture capital
  13. 2014
    Implementation of alternative form of equity financing »Seed capital«
    Implementation of substantive support (coaching, mentoring…) for some programs in cooperation with the Initiative Start:up Slovenia.
  14. 2015
    Successful application of SEF for COSME program.
  15. 2016
    Successful application of SEF for EASI program.