About us

  1. Who is SEF? 
    The Public Fund of Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship or shortly The Slovene Enterprise Fund (the Fund or SEF) is established with purpose of improving the access to financial resources for different development – business investments of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) including with financial resources for SMEs start-up and micro financing in the Republic of Slovenia.

    Skica strategic role

    Every year the Fund is offering proper financial solutions for development – business projects in Slovenian entrepreneurial sector via financial engineering, which is majorly based on financial instruments with refundable means (loans, guarantees for loans, subsidised interest rates, venture capital) which allows combining of financial resources of different financial institutions (financial lever).

    Through offering favourable financing resources want to ensure that state aid are distributed in all phase of development life cycle; from seed companies, start up’s and till the phase of further growth and development.

    According to the mentioned lines the Fund closely co-operates with other domestic and international financial institutions such as commercial banks, the European Investment Fund (EIF) and the European Mutual Guarantee Association (AECM).

    Establishment: 1992 - when the Statute of the Fund for small Business Development, based on Small Business Development Act, was adopted (Official Journal of the Republic of Slovenia No. 18/1991).

    Conversion: 2000 – after the implementation of the Public Fund Act (Official Journal of the Republic of Slovenia No. 22/2000) the Fund converted into a Public Financial Fund and entered in companies register. With adoption of The Act Regulating Supportive Environment for Entrepreneurship (Official Journal of the Republic of Slovenia No. 40/2004) and The Instrument of incorporation of the Fund (Official Journal of the Republic of Slovenia No. 112/2004), the Fund converted into the Public Fund of Republic of Slovenia for Entrepreneurship, shortened name Slovene Enterprise Fund, which is legal successor of The Public Fund of Republic of Slovenia for the Development of Small Business. The Act Regulating Supportive Environment for Entrepreneurship (Official Journal of the Republic of Slovenia No. 102/2007) provides the substance and possibilities in implementation of different financial instruments and other detailed Fund’s activities.

  2. What we do?
    SEF offers fianncial products in the form of: 
    START UP INCENTIVES (grants) for establishing an enterprise
    SEED CAPITAL (convertible loans and capital investments) for the entry and expansion on the market
    VENTURE CAPITAL (mezzanine capital) for rapid globala growth
    MICROCREDITS (direct SEFs credits) for specific target groups for current operation 
    GUARANTEES for bank loans with interest rate subsidy for current operation and further growth

    SPECIAL INCENTIVES (grants) for special target groups

    Financial incentives are intended to finance various development business activiteies, such as:
    Start up of an enterprise, own development and innovation, rapid global growth, women entrepreneurship, socially useful products and servisec, creative industries, transfer of ownership between generations, business model reengineering, other,...



    2019 is a turning point for the Fund, as it has so far:

    • supported 3,820 projects, from that:
    • 1.874 financial incentives,
    • 1.946 vouchers,
    • approved 126.2 million EUR of funds for investments in the economy, financing of working capital and various services, from which:
    • 117 million EUR of funds for investments in the economy and financing of working capital,
    • 9,2 million EUR of funds in vouchers for various business services,
    • generated more than 200 million EUR in environmental investments,
    • helped boost economic growth and employment in Slovenia,
    • contributed to the European Commission's stated objectives of supporting entrepreneurship, growth, innovation, research, development and employment.
  4. 10 – YEAR RESULTS OF THE FUND (IN THE PERIOD 2009 – 2018)

    During the last 10 years of operation (in the period 2009 - 2018), the Fund has:

    • financially supported 7,385 projects,
    • approved 1,040 million EUR in favourable financial resources,
    • generated investments of 1,976 million EUR in the economy.

    These investments encouraged the Slovenian economic environment to more open, competitive and export or globally oriented thinking and to implement business ideas. Investing into economically viable projects within Slovenia and supporting globally oriented projects or enterprises remains the main focus of the Fund and will be further enhanced by the desire to maximize the impact.


    The success of the Fund's operations depends on the appropriate organizational and human resources structure, which must constantly adapt to new development and financial activities. The Fund remains an institution with a strong capital base and stable ownership structure. Good strategic management and structured organizational processes, with focus on risk management, maintain the Fund's good liquidity position.

    The Fund is also constantly working to improve its governance and operations, especially in terms of ensuring appropriate risk management. The Fund is an institution with a strong capital base and a stable ownership structure and an institution with a good liquidity position that due to its good strategic management and effective risk management.