Supportive environment for entrepreneurship

Strategic document



With SIP, the Government of Slovenia has adopted a strategic document that represents a set of guidelines to increase the competitiveness of the business environment, strengthening entrepreneurship and innovation capacity of the economy, to respond effectively to social challenges and activities for sustainable development of the industry. At the same time SIP is an important element in the preparation of an operational programme for the multiannual period of the financial perspective 2014 - 2020 and the preparation of action plans in the field of entrepreneurship, competitiveness and technology.

SIP emphasizes an improvement on the field of access to finance, where the policies are orientated towards:

• Support the growth and development of enterprises as well as their expansion into foreign markets through debts financing (financial engineering instruments: interest rate subsidies, microcredits, micro-guarantees, loans and mezzanine loans, guarantees, etc.).
• Further development equity financing (strengthening and effective operation of seed and venture capital funds), and the development of other modern forms of financing, including public private partnerships,
• Promoting entrepreneurship for specific target groups (youth, women, social entrepreneurs, micro-entrepreneurs)
• Supporting the growth and development of enterprises with a simple and quick way of financing for a particular purpose.
Work programme of the Government of the Republic of Slovenia for the period 2013/2014

The Government of the Republic of Slovenia will strive to implement structural, managerial and technological solutions that will increase the resilience of the Slovenian economy to the effects of the global economic and financial crisis with measures affecting the operations of the SEF:

• boost the economy
• efficient use of EU funds
• ensure a competitive business environment and the rapid growth and development of enterprises
• increased internationalization of Slovenian enterprises and an improvement of the conditions for business operations of Slovenian enterprises in international markets
Slovenia's Development Strategy 2014-2020 (draft)

Slovenia's Development Strategy represents a headline strategy document that sets out the vision and objectives of Slovenia's development until 2020.

The document identifies four priority areas:

• Competitive economy
• Knowledge and employment
• Green Living Environment
• An inclusive society

Within the defined priorities the three horizontal development contents were identified for which a part of the development funds, that will be available until 2020, will be intended:

• R & D and innovation,
• Start-up, growth and development of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises,
• Employment, education, training, skills and competences (young and older).
Slovenian Partnership Agreement

The Partnership Agreement is a document that must contain a clear justification of the chosen strategic priorities in the country, taking into account the promotion of cooperation and coordination between the different stakeholders.

The main elements of the Partnership Agreement:

• compliance with the EU 2020 strategy of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, it must meet the requirements of each EU fund (i.e. ERDF, ESF, CF, EAFRD, EMFF) to ensure economic, social and territorial cohesion,
• an integrated approach to territorial development, which will be supported by EU funds,
• effective implementation.
Smart specialisation strategy

The Smart Specialisation Strategy of the Republic of Slovenia is a strategic and implementation plan for the restructuring of the Slovenian economy and society with the support of EU funds in the 2014-2020 period.

The smart specialization strategy is not only a specialization in high-tech industries, but represents a strategy for the creation and increase of value added in all of its activities and thus for their restructuring, on the basis of identified priorities and also provides the opportunity for the creation of new jobs.
Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan (document)

The Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan aims to support entrepreneurs and a radical change of the entrepreneurship culture in Europe. It emphasises the role of education and training in the education of new generations of entrepreneurs as the key goal and it also includes specific measures to promote entrepreneurship among young people, women, older people, migrants and the unemployed.

Part of the plan also focuses to eliminate barriers on the way to entrepreneurship through ambitious measures that help business start-ups and new businesses as well as enable a successful transfer of ownership of enterprises, better access to finance and a second chance after a bankruptcy for fair entrepreneurs.
Operational Programme for the period 2014 – 2020

By investing funds of the European structural funds and investment funds, Slovenia will contribute to the achievement of the following objectives:

• Increasing the competitiveness, productivity and innovation potential of the Slovenian economy based on research and innovation;
• Raising the employment rate for women and men, especially in the key target groups (youth, elderly, long-term unemployed, less educated);
• Achieving the national goals regarding the climate and energy package;
• Reducing the number of people facing high risk of poverty and social exclusion.
Youth Guarantee - Implementation Plan 2014-2015

Youth Guarantee is the latest European project in the field of youth employment, accepted by the Slovene Government and thus follows the call of the European Commission, Member States should ensure that all young people in Europe, aged between 15-29 years, within four months after the termination of school or becoming unemployed will get a good quality offer of employment, continued education, an apprenticeship or traineeship.

The implementation plan Youth Guarantee 2014-2015, which the Government adopted at the end of January 2014, includes 36 measures, involving more than 63,000 young people. Planned activities to be carried out will, inter alia, cover the area of entrepreneurship and innovation as well as various incentives for employment. Special attention within the context of the measures also goes to the stimulation of entrepreneurship, or in other words, help for those who want to embark on the path of entrepreneurship, which will include all relevant ministries with various sources. On the basis of a differentiated approach (separation of those who want less risky business decisions and those whose ideas are associated with venture capital) entrepreneurs will get help with a maximum of incentives and advice in the early years.
Strategy of Development of Social Entrepreneurship for the period 2013-2016

Social entrepreneurship, inter alia, provides an additional range of products and services in the public interest, developing new employment opportunities and providing additional jobs with good, perhaps even innovative business opportunities.

The Social entrepreneurship act, which the government adopted in March 2011, defines the measures to facilitate access to finance investments in social enterprises for the establishment and operation of social enterprises, which include the provision of favourable loans, guarantees and subsidies from budgetary sources, through funds to promote the development of social entrepreneurship and European sources for social enterprises.

By virtue of the Social entrepreneurship act the government has adopted the strategy for the development of social entrepreneurship for the period 2013 - 2016, which ensures the planned development of social entrepreneurship in the Republic of Slovenia for four years, where it has also identified its operators. The strategy sets out three strategic development targets. The main focus in the action programme 2014-2015 is the second development objective or the upgrade of the existing supportive environment for entrepreneurship and a number of measures to achieve it.